Social sites and our health

Influence of social networks on our health

You are watching hundreds of influencers who have a perfect figure, eat with pure amazing food,
spend tens of hours a week in the gym, have an amazing life, partner, lots of money. You wonder why
they and you don't? You want it too, but you can't? Then you read correctly ...

Social illusion

Currently, social networks play one of the most important roles in human life. They have an amazing reach, serving not only as a shop window and marketing tool for companies, entrepreneurs, but also for ordinary users who share their lives with another mass of people and thus offer a perfect overview of what they are experiencing, what they look like. In short, it is such a portfolio if not a biography of each of us. The more followers the more reach among ordinary people, but also companies, etc. The more likes , the more friends who will desire more and more resemblance to identify with the subject on the social network. When there are no followers , you mean nothing . But is it really so? There are people with thousands or millions

followers really happy with their own
lives, are they really our favorites, so muscular, beautiful, amazing, health, rich, relaxing on the seaside,
simply HAPPY?


All of us, let's face it, desire to be perfect, to be beautiful, to solve nothing and to be happy with our own
lives. You make a condition, "when " I lose weight, I have a baking tray, earn a million, my muscles grow,
I get a dream job, a car, etc. I will be happy. Because on social networks it's not? People who have
it after what we desire most are still happy and accomplished it or not?
Reality is somewhere else. This phenomenon is dominated by one thing on which, in my opinion,
all the pursuit of something we do not have is based. It's EGO. Yes you read correctly. The human trait to be better than the
others, because when we are better than the others, we will be happy, most of us think. The ego is a silent
whisperer that stirs up negative emotions in us, supports our hidden fears and aggressiveness,
assertiveness, simply our weaknesses, or exploits our strengths to chase,
despise, or fall for others. This is the basis of all the
current marketing business, especially of large companies, that influences ordinary people to think and
behave exactly as they want. See. thousands of dysfunctional diet products that will help us to
dream the baking tart baking tray, etc.

So where is the truth?

Muscular , satisfied, wonderful influencers are not superhumans, they are just like us all. We just don't see
what's behind the social network curtain. Beautiful slim muscular women do not present to have hormonal
imbalance, psychological problems. People eating strictly healthy do not present that they do not eat 24/7 according to the
photos they share on social networks. Rich people do not present on social networks that they have unstable relationships
and how much effort their work has taken and how much they have to sacrifice for it. In short, things that are not attractive to the
eye of others are not made public , so we all fall under the so-called social illusion. We are victims of
social networks. Just take , how much time we spend on those networks experiencing someone else's life, not live
ones own.

Influence of social networks on human health

Depression, burnout, social exclusion, stress, health problems and the like. All this may be
subsequent ky relentless pursuit of something that is usually not sustainable. One example: Do you want to have a
six-pack and never had it? How much you have to sacrifice to show 6 belly cakes on your stomach,
when you waddle with joy. One day you eat more or gain a few grams of fat and the buns dissolve
like steam over a pot. If you want to maintain this status in the long term, you have to sacrifice health
if you are a woman, loss of period or hair loss, bone loss, social life, fatigue , mood
swings, etc. Is it worth it? Just to look like someone on the cover of a magazine? The magazine wants to
look beautiful, impress the reader, so it must have beautiful people, beautiful characters, etc. Usually everything is
adjusted in photoshop and similar applications. It's not real. And so it is with everything in today's world

For peace of mind and health

Do you feel like you're in a closed circle, that you want out, but don't know how? Try to stop watching your
icons, patterns, etc. on social networks and start spending more time in the real world with yourself. Take
a walk into the countryside, without mobile technology. Go brew something good to eat, brew coffee
or whatever you like. Simply take your time and say what you want and go the golden middle way. Love yourself or at least learn. In short, be happy with yourself, caress with nice words, love your body, mind and life. Everything will turn for the better, I promise you.

trainer and advisor for healthy lifestyle Ing. Veronika Jandová