Visitor Rules

Visitor Rules BOUTIQUE GYM

These visitor rules are binding for all Visitors of BoutiqueGYM Karlín ( as a company Fastrano s.r.o. , IČO: 07261870, later also as a „company“ or as a „fitness“)

visitor is any natural person who enters the fitness area.

Article 1 – Basic information

1. Opening hours

Information about opening hours is available at the main entrance door and at Visitors are obliged to terminate their sporting activities no later than 15 minutes before the end of the visiting period and leave their premises no later than the end of the opening hours. The operator hereby reserves the right to extend or shorten the visit period as required.

  1. Services and equipment

BoutiqueGYM visitors can use the following services:

  • gym and cardio zone
  • changing rooms, showers, toilets
  • personal trainer services

Aticle 2. – rules for using services of BoutiqueGYM

1. Safety rules

Visitors carry out all sports activities at the BoutiqueGYM premises at their own risk and responsibility. When using the Services, the Visitor is obliged to abide by the Visitor’s Rules and instructions of employees or other persons providing Services on behalf of the Company (including instructors and trainers).

The Company shall not be liable for any damage to health or property that may arise to the Visitor as a result of failure to comply with such procedure or instructions of the Company, its employees, or coaches. The Company shall not be liable for any damage to health or property caused by intentional, negligent or revaluation of their physical condition.

Visitors may not engage in sports activities in the gym if they are ill, injured, regularly use drugs or other substances that may in any way affect their physical or mental abilities or are otherwise indisposed to performing sports activities. This prohibition does not apply to persons who provide a written statement from the physician that the person can perform sports activities.

Prior consultation of a physician to use individual fitness services and facilities is recommended, but is not limited to, persons suffering from diabetes, heart disease, high or low blood pressure, and pregnant women. When using the facilities and services, Visitors are obliged to observe the principles of personal safety, both for themselves and for other visitors.

Children under 15 years of age are not allowed in the fitness center. From 15 to 16 years of age, admission is allowed only if accompanied by a parent or personal trainer.

Children from 15 to 18 years of age are allowed to enter the fitness center only with the written consent of parents who are expressly and non-transferably fully liable for any damage to their health and the property of the operator caused by the movement of the child

Possible treatment of injuries is provided at the reception, which is equipped with medical supplies according to valid legal regulations.

2. Rules of conduct indoors

Visitors are obliged to behave during their presence in a manner that will not restrict other Visitors from using its facilities and services.
In the event of inappropriate, aggressive or vulgar behaviour towards other Visitors or employees, the Company reserves the right to ban such client from the premises.
Visitors are obliged to respect the rules to prove their membership card or Multisport card, respectively. proof of identity and respect the control mechanisms used by the company for this purpose. It is strictly forbidden for all Visitors to proceed to premises without showing any of the above mentioned methods at the reception.

The following are prohibited in all areas:

  • smoke;
  • to consume any food (the ban does not apply to the reception area);
  • consume alcohol;
  • use chewing gums;
  • bring or guide animals;
  • enter common areas in inappropriate clothing;
  • bring bags or backpacks to the gym;
  • enter into spaces reserved for the opposite sex;
  • behave in violation of good morals;
  • use your own personal trainers

The Company reserves the right to impose conditions on suitable clothing and also, at its sole discretion, ask a Visitor who is not suitably dressed to leave the facility or to change.

3. The rules for storing personal belongings in using the services and facilities

Before leaving , visitors are obliged to clear the locker and keep it open. Lockers that will not be vacated by the end of the opening hours on that day will be opened by the relevant staff and their contents will be vacated and kept. The costs of opening the locker and storing its contents shall be borne by the Visitor who did not vacate the locker in accordance with these Visitors’ Rules. The fine for unauthorized occupation of the locker is CZK 500.

The company is not responsible or liable for jewellery, money and other valuables or other things worth more than CZK 1,000 stored in lockers.

4. Hygienerules

Visitors are obliged to use towels during sports activities so that the equipment used by them is kept clean. Visitors are asked to lay on all surfaces that come into contact with the body. Surfaces that still stain with sweat should be cleaned by disinfection, which is from the back of the pillars of the treadmills together with wipes.

Visitors are obliged to observe the following hygiene principles:

  • enter the gym and studios only in closed and clean sports shoes other than outdoor shoes; the gym prohibits the use of beach shoes / slippers;
  • Always clean with a disinfectant after using the machine or the mat in the gym;
  • use deodorant;
  • respect the ban on shaving in all areas;

Sanitary facilities (showers and toilets) are available in dressing rooms, separately for men and women. Soaps are available for visitors to washbasins.

Article 3 Visitors rules

In the course of sporting activities, visitors are obliged to follow these Rules and instructions of trainers and other employees of the fitness or the Company.

Do not block machines and workstations longer than necessary, if someone asks you to allow them to take turns at the workstation.

After the workout, clean up the dumbbells and the reels after each other, as a sign of respect and consideration for other visitors.

Handle machines with care, do not throw the dumbbells and place them only on stands or on rubber squares, do not endanger the safety of others.

In case of any damage to the machine, dumbbell or exercise equipment, it is the responsibility of each to notify the fact at the reception.

Visitors are forbidden to use their own personal trainers in the fitness area or to train.

The Company reserves the right to limit the use of certain sports or other equipment (eg cardio machines) at any time due to excessive load.

Article 4 – Final provisions

The Company is entitled to unilaterally amend or supplement these Visiting Rules at any time. The amended or supplemented Guest Regulations come into effect on the day of its publication in the premises of the gym. The current version of the Visitors’ Rules is always available in the premises of BoutiqueGYM and on the official website

Potential complaints about the quality of provided services or shortcomings in the facility may be submitted by the visitors in person to the reception or management at [email protected], or to any other employee.

Visitors are obliged to prevent, to the extent possible, any damage to the equipment or any damage or deficiencies reported at the reception.

The company reserves the right to close the gym or its part for a limited period for the purpose of carrying out the necessary repairs, maintenance or in the event of a private event. The Company shall notify the Company of the closure of all or part of the site sufficiently in advance by posting information on the planned action at the reception, website and social media.